Steal Away Home (Middle School / Kansas & US History)

Andrea Seifkes
Prairie Hills Middle School
Buhler, Kansas

Kansas History

Middle School


You have recently read and studied the book Steal Away Home in your Language Arts class. In the book, the main character, Dana Shannon, discovers a full skeleton sealed away in a little hidden room in the nineteenth century house her family is restoring. The aged bones date back to just before the Civil War, when pro- and anti-slavery groups transformed the Kansas Territory into the battleground known as Bleeding Kansas. Dana and her friends unravel the secrets of the skeleton as they study the past and learn about themselves as well. Dana’s good friend, Jeep, is an African American teen that learns about some of the struggles some of his ancestors may have faced. At first Jeep is angry learning about the fight for slaves to become free. He then comes to realize that learning more about the past will give him a better appreciation of the rights he enjoys today. Segregation in our country traces its roots to slavery. Your task is to educate your classmates and raise personal awareness of the Civil Rights Movement. Based on what you have learned in class and a personal interview you will create web pages focusing on a brief history of the Civil Rights movement and the impact on individuals.

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