Territorial Kansas in 1855

Nathan McAlister
Royal Valley Middle School
Mayetta, Kansas

Shelia Howard
Dodge City Middle School
Dodge City, Kansas

Jeremy Neuenschwander
Iola Middle School
Iola, Kansas

Julie Friesen
Kansas City, Kansas

John Seal
Parsons Middle School
Parsons, Kansas

Kansas History

Middle School


As part of this DBQ, students will examine different types of primary sources in US and Kansas History and analyze them in terms of credibility, purpose and point of view. Students will use at least three primary sources to interpret a person or event to develop an historical narrative. As the instructor, you have the opportunity to select the documents desited via the Territorial Kansas Online web site. Students will compare and contrast descriptions of the same event in US/Kansas history to understand how people differ in their interpretations of historical events. This DBQ can be adapted to fit one to three classperiods.