Civil Rights and Liberties (High School / US History)

Sean Murphy
Leavenworth High School
Leavenworth, Kansas

US History

High School


This unit is designed to enable the learner to connect the events within the various stages of the civil rights movement with the development of landmark court cases in order to demonstrate and recognize that a nation’s values are embodied in the actions of its population and in its legislation.

Students will implement research strategies in order to understand and empathize with the on-going problems of racism and prejudice within our nation. Loosely based on Grant Stiggins model of assessment, students will be given the task of taking all that they have learned and applying that knowledge in a collection of performance driven tasks designed to engage the student on a multiple levels within Bloom’s taxonomy.

This assessment requires students to analyze primary and secondary source material. Additionally, students will express themselves through power-point presentation and an annotated bibliography their understanding of the many levels of on-going civil rights struggles in our nation at the local, state, and federal level within multiple ethnic groups.

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