Erosion of Separate but Equal (High School / US & World History)

Dave Kirkendall
Stafford High School
Stafford, Kansas

US & World History

High School


The goal of this unit is to inform the student of the different court cases that helped shape the Brown v. BOE ruling. The students will gain an understanding of those different cases and of the court’s reasoning in their decisions. Student will compare and contrast the legal definitions in the cases and create graphic organizers to plot out the information gained from each case.

It is hoped that student will see that there were several cases that helped to chip away at the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling and that the Brown decision was not an over night ruling.

Additional information needed will be outlines of the following cases:
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Plessy v. Ferguson
State of Missouri ex Rel Gaines v. Canada
Sweatt V. Painter
Mcluaurin V. Oklahoma State Regents
Brown v. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas

A quick internet search will give the teacher all of the details of the different cases from different sources. Students could be assigned this task as part of the assignment. There are many more cases that can be used in substitution of the ones I have listed.

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