The American Civil Rights Movement (High School / US History and US Government)

Jim Robb
Hilsboro High School

Hillsboro, Kansas

US History and US Government

High School


This unit is to explore the background and development of the civil rights movement in America. We will explore the chronological history of the United States looking at events that promoted a segregated society and those events that evidenced a resistance to a segregated/unequal society. By looking at these events, students, with teacher help, will draw conclusions about the patterns of society and the effects of years of segregation.

After establishing that a systematic racism pervaded our system, we will research and discuss particular events and people that led to the legal challenge to the Supreme Court decision, “Plessey v. Ferguson”. We will examine the role of the NAACP and their legal staff in leading up to Brown v. Board.

We will examine other key events such as the Little Rock Crisis, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Civil Rights Acts, the 14th, 15th, and 24th amendments, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The students will research, present, and answer questions on events that led to the white reaction and the resistance to the movement.

Students will speculate in a discussion format about the future of racial and economic America. The students will be tested on content. The performance assessment requires students to write a research/conclusion piece evaluating the impact of Brown v. Board on American society.

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