Everyday Segregation (Middle School / Kansas & US History)

Nathan McAlister
Royal Valley Middle School
Mayetta, Kansas

Kansas History

Middle School


Segregation dominated the lives of blacks in the United States for many decades.  Segregation existed on many levels.  Most students have a basic knowledge of Brown v. BOE, but few realize that segregation also existed in theaters, hotels, barbershops, etc.  This segregation not only caused inconveniences, but disrupted the most basic of activities such as going to the local service station to get your tire changed.  This lesson will alternatively demonstrate to the students the adaptability of African Americans living under the heel of segregation.  For children living under Jim Crow the learning curve was extremely short.  Children were taught where they could go to get ice cream, riding the public bus, or simply going for a swim at the park.  Within this lesson your students will experience everyday segregation on many levels.  This lesson will use experiential learning to get the students involved and then keep their attention through discussion, analysis of primary sources, and critical evaluation of real world problems.  Finally your students will be asked to take all that they have learned and apply that knowledge in a performance task that is the basis for the entire lesson.  Loosely based on Grant Stiggins model of assessment the students will be given 3 different options for assessment.  These assessments are designed to engage the students on a personal level and help them empathize with children 50+ years ago who lived under the yoke of Jim Crow and its painful stigma.

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