Civil Rights: the Establishment, the Removal and the Achievement (High School / US History)

TJ Warsnak
Halstead High School
Halstead, Kansas

US History

High School


This unit is based on the Kansas History, Government and Economics Standards and is meant to be integrated into a US history class. This unit can be used in many different ways but is best incorporated after students have studied US History through World War II. Background knowledge on history from 1865 to 1945 is important for this unit. It is also helpful if the students have had the opportunity to use primary source documents since such resources are used through out this unit. The main goals of the unit are for:

1. Students to understand what civil rights are and that they apply to all citizens of the United States.
2. Students can explain how civil rights have or have not been applied to different groups at different times through out our history.
3. Students can evaluate different methods that groups or individuals have used to try and achieve civil rights in our history.

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