Brown v. Board: What is Equality? (High School / US History)

Bruce Gunter
Frankfort High School
Frankfort, Kansas

US & World History

High School


The goal of this unit is for the students to become armed with the information it takes for them to soundly analyze the impact of the black struggle for equality in the U.S.  This includes a review of the events that made the Civil Rights Movement in the 40’s-60’s necessary and the impact of certain regions, groups and individuals on this movement.  Also, the impact these individuals can have on each other and, as leaders, on the people within the movement and those opposed to it.  The students will be exposed to situations that will help them define the term injustice and open their eyes to the feelings it created in those with inferior status.  Mostly, I want the students to understand the term equality is not a static thing.  It differs within an individuals own mind depending on the time and circumstance.  They will define the term as it applies to a citizen of the United States and the race/ ethnic and gender issues that have been our past and will be our future.  They will also understand that a group of individuals with a common goal and a lot of perseverance and courage can make a very distinct difference in the culture and laws of a city, state and country.

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