The African American Experience: A Journey In Civil Rights (High School / US, Kansas & World History, Economics)

TJ Warsnak
Halstead High School
Halstead, Kansas

US, Kansas & World History, Economics

Middle School


The Civil Rights Movement is one of the most important aspects of US History. The movement does not focus on one group of people or peoples. It involves all Americans and should be well known by all Americans. Furthermore, the Civil Rights movement is not only part of the past. It is a continuing journey that is still being defined. Its relevance can not be understated. This project is meant to guide students through the journey of civil rights by focusing on one group of people who went from the complete absence of civil rights, to the process of gaining civil rights and then what the future should hold for all Americans.

By making this study students will look at the rise of the institution of slavery, emancipation through the civil war, the granting and subsequent restrictions of rights, through the re-establishment of civil rights.

Students will be expected to not only learn the material but also apply the material to make persuasive argument on the topic and apply the information to current societal issues.

A secondary part of the project will address the role of Kansas in the Civil Rights Movement. Students will draw comparisons between National Civil Rights Events and events in Kansas.

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